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Our Mission

Koohlah exists to combat the global obesity epidemic through delicious, affordable food. Koohlah doesn't make junk food or any kind of snack food. Koohlah makes health food, but you would never know! We offer products that look, feel and taste like most popular junk foods on the market while transforming the health of our customers. Leaving them looking fit, feeling great, and booming with energy and mental clarity. All without them having to diet or change the way they eat.


Our Products

Koohlah Koohlahs are the tastiest of treats made using the world's healthiest ingredients. By reminding you of the look, feel and flavor of your favorite chips and using all-natural, plant-based ingredients, our Koohlahs are sure to satisfy without sacrifice. 

Ultra low in carbs, high in protein, fiber and bursting with flavor, you're sure to fall in love with just one crunch. Koohlah-Koohlahs will soon be available in a variety of crave-able options including: nacho cheese, cool ranch and spicy sweet chili. 


Our Story

Facing weight issues, depression and a lack of energy, Harrison tried every diet, way of eating and "health food". A lot of them worked... until they didn't. Harrison decided he had enough of the marketing pitches. Getting certified in nutrition through Cornell University, and reading every book on nutrition he could find, Harrison discovered that biologically we are supposed to crave healthy foods even more than junk. Knowing that he went off and created Koohlahs. Food as delicious as it is healhty.


Our Vision

Some day (soon) obesity will only be found in history textbooks. The current epidemic seems overwhelming but is reversible with only a few slight shifts. The onset was caused by the modification of our food system to feed our growing population in the most economical way possible with the technology we had at the time. It is no longer the case, we can now make great food to feed the population if we care to. Koohlah is here to spark a movement of caring about what we feed humanity to end this epidemic once and for all!

What is Koohlah?

Check out this quick speech I gave about some of the inspiration behind Koohlah.

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